Saturday, April 26, 2008

MainStream Wrestling in Digby, NS - Doink the Clown & Jazz former WWE superstars April 26th, 2008

Doink the Clown and Jason Saulnier, Doink the Clown is a long time WWE wrestler made his debut in 1993. Doink the Clown scene here squeezing my hand.

Jazz in Digby, NS. Jazz is a former two time WWE Women's Championship title holder.

Grimez vs Quinson Valentino in Digby April 26, 2008

Jazz vs. Portia Perez in Digby, NS April 26, 2008

Doink the Clown vs Sidewalk Sam in Digby, NS, april 26, 2008

Mike Hughes vs. Kyle Kruze in Digby, NS April 26, 2008

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