Saturday, April 30, 2005

April 30th, 2005 - High Voltage - Dock Side, Digby

High Voltage Saturday, April 30th, 2005
Dock Side, Digby

A show in Digby at the Dock Side bellow the Club 98. The day of the show we try to track down our drummer Rick Muise and can’t find until 30 min before we have to leave for the show. Rick had pawned his cymbals and to pick them up for one evenings show. Well we finally find our drummer and get the show on the road towards Digby. I had to stop in Concession before the show to pick up Mike Gaudet our singer to be. He would play the roll as roadie for the evening. When we arrived at the show we set our stuff quickly as we could and started at 10 pm without sound check.
High Voltage

I was doing the sound for that evening and was very good everyone in that bar was either impressed with the bands song lists, presence, or sound quality. We sure had a great evening. With a set list of over 40 songs, we played for a long night. The band was scheduled to play until 1am. As 1am came, there was no one of the management around to indicate if we were going to get a raise that evening to play longer the only confirmation was that we could play for the fans. Well we decided to play for the audience and made them a great show. Mike Gaudet sang a few songs with us and had a blast.
High Voltage

Robert was wearing all leather with a unbuttoned shirt and ripped up leather pants. Robert played a few songs with duct tape on them for a joke. One girl there claimed that we were the best band to arrive at that bar in 6 years. Overall very good crowd to play to can’t wait for the next show there. The trip back home was very long due to heavy rain that night.

High Voltage
High Voltage Line-up
Jason Saulnier (Guitar)
Robert Allain (Vocals)
Colin Stuart (Bass)
Rick Muise (Drums)

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